Public Art Part 3: Contemporary Art near Lombard Street

In Part 1 we looked at the murals that grace many of the buildings in our neighbourhood. In Part 2 we looked at public sculpture that commemorates historical events and people. In this post, Part 3, we look at sculpture in and around the neighbourhood that doesn't neatly fit into any category and where you,... Continue Reading →


The General Post Office: A History

An important part of Lombard Street history is the once grand General Post Office that faced Adelaide Street and backed onto Lombard just east of Victoria Street. Today, there is no trace of its once-imposing presence, although there are two reminders nestled in a garden on Lombard Street. There, a remnant of the General Post... Continue Reading →

Mid-century on Lombard Street

85 Lombard does not have a significant street presence, but it’s still my favourite building on the street. The simplicity of its design, a geometric pattern—ribbons of white ceramic tile contrasting with dark bands of windows—provides visual relief along an otherwise eclectic streetscape. For most of its history it has been the back door to... Continue Reading →

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