Urban Mood & Uptown Attitude: Life at the Indigo

This is the story of the Indigo condominium at 50 Lombard and its sister commercial building at 36 Lombard and what came before them. Today, the Indigo represents one of the finer residential buildings on Lombard and within the core of the city. Completed in 1993, it eschewed the post-modern architectural movement of the day... Continue Reading →


Public Art Part 2: Commemorating History in Sculpture

Seeing that we are in The Old Town, it is not surprising that many of the sculpture and public art installations in the neighbourhood commemorate important historical events, places and figures. What is surprising is that there are not more. In a city that constantly reinvents itself by erasing the past, Torontonians rely on artists... Continue Reading →

Mid-century on Lombard Street

85 Lombard does not have a significant street presence, but it’s still my favourite building on the street. The simplicity of its design, a geometric pattern—ribbons of white ceramic tile contrasting with dark bands of windows—provides visual relief along an otherwise eclectic streetscape. For most of its history it has been the back door to... Continue Reading →

I See Dead People (On Lombard)

The morgue at 86 Lombard Street is arguably our street’s most ghoulish coolest buildings. Imagine the stories it could tell! Completed in 1908, it replaced an 1877 one-storey garage-like structure (pictured below) on the northwest corner of Esplanade and Frederick Streets. It is not clear why the location on Lombard street was chosen for the... Continue Reading →

The Untold Story of Mary Macfarlane’s Hotel

99 Jarvis is a heritage structure that is easily overlooked. In the shadow of The Vu condominium and facing Lombard Street, it is currently the showroom for the contemporary kitchen and furniture retailer Poliform. The mysterious “M” engraved into the decorative detail above each second-storey window suggests the building has an untold story. The building... Continue Reading →

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