Aromatic Memory Lane: The Story Behind Spice Mill Lane

Spice Mill Lane runs north from Adelaide Street East to Lombard just west of the Spire Condominium. It was named in 2012 to commemorate the spice mills that were once prominent in this neighbourhood and nearby to Lombard Street. City directories from the late 19th century list many importers and wholesalers of all sorts of... Continue Reading →


I See Dead People (On Lombard)

The morgue at 86 Lombard Street is arguably our street’s most ghoulish coolest buildings. Imagine the stories it could tell! Completed in 1908, it replaced an 1877 one-storey garage-like structure (pictured below) on the northwest corner of Esplanade and Frederick Streets. It is not clear why the location on Lombard street was chosen for the... Continue Reading →

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