A Gem of a Building: 67 Lombard

One of the most charming buildings on Lombard Street is a little brick building at 67 Lombard. It was built in approximately 1905 and is today both a residence and a commercial space tenanted by group of architectural firms. Despite some updates and modifications, this building retains much of its character. This buff (yellow) and... Continue Reading →


Pianos and Tires: The Evolution of 107 Church Street

Periodically, a news story about unwanted old upright pianos makes the rounds. It seems like no one wants them, but there are a lot of them around. There was a time when almost every Toronto household had a piano, even those that could barely afford one. Pianos have always been an interesting aspect of Toronto’s... Continue Reading →

Lombard Street Central Fire Hall

As you may imagine, the Central Fire Hall is one of the better-known buildings on Lombard Street. Built in 1886-7, the 131-year-old building has had four tenants. It remained a fire hall until 1969 when the department moved to a new facility at Front and Princess Streets. It then became the home of the Second City Comedy Club... Continue Reading →

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