Welcome to The Lively Legacy of Lombard Street. What started out as a simple idea to “look” into the story of the Bentley condominium on the corner of Church and Lombard has become a comprehensive and wide-ranging exploration of the social, economic, and architectural history of Lombard Street. It's tons of fun learning about Lombard's past. Every... Continue Reading →

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The Lackie Manufacturing Company

From a modest start by one generation at the beginning of the 20th century to a successful mid-size regalia business under the stewardship of a second, The Lackie Manufacturing Company was a fixture on Lombard Street for sixty-six years. In 1906, thirty-year-old Milton Wood Lackie, a jeweller by trade, was one of thirty-two manufacturing jewellers... Continue Reading →

The Marshall Mattress Building

The Queen Richmond Centre East – South complex on Lombard Street (between the fire hall and the morgue) is made up of two buildings, although exterior renovations completed in the early 1970s cause them to read as one. Both buildings were built in the early 20th century, a time when Lombard, once a primarily residential... Continue Reading →

The General Post Office: A History

An important part of Lombard Street history is the once grand General Post Office that faced Adelaide Street and backed onto Lombard just east of Victoria Street. Today, there is no trace of its once-imposing presence, although there are two reminders nestled in a garden on Lombard Street. There, a remnant of the General Post... Continue Reading →

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